40+ Creeptastic Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

By ezzly

I am a fashionista trained in fashion buying and fashion design. My creative skills come in handy when it's time to celebrate the holidays.

Make Frightfully Easy Halloween Treats!

Host a creeptastic party filled with ghoulishy tasty snacks for all your little goblins. These adorable treats are perfect for any Halloween party. From healthy apples to not-so-healthy cupcakes, here are some great ideas to cover a range of tastes. Mummify your cakes and brain your jelly to get those guests quaking in their boots!

Scary hand using Twix bars for fingers

1. Scary Hand Using Twix Bars

These disembodied hands are so scary—and so yummy! Use Twix bars for the fingers and a couple of other candies of your choice for the palm of the hand.

Spiders lollipops

2. Spider Lollipops

Buy a pack of lollipops and get some pipe cleaners and googly eyes and make some creepy, crawly spiders! These are low cost and cute! Oh, and the best part: When Halloween is over, you can eat them!

Banana ghosts and orange pumpkins

3. Banana Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins

This will be a hit with the younger set: banana ghosts with chocolate chip eyes and peeled mandarin oranges with a small stick of celery or cucumber for the pumpkin stem. Adorable!

Butterfly treats

4. Butterfly Treats

These are so cute, and they can be customized with small candies, healthy fruits, etc. You'll need some wooden laundry clips, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and ziplock bags.

Robot snacks

5. Robot Snacks

Easy to make and kids will love these! You just need a juice box, a fruit cup, a Hershey's chocolate kiss, and googly eyes.

Scary fruit cups

6. Scary Fruit Cups

Grab a bunch of fruit cups and get creative with your jack-o-lantern faces! Some can be scary while others can be friendly.

Halloween candy man

7. Halloween Candy Man

Kind of like a Christmas ornament, this Halloween candy man can be hung from a tree in the front yard, or maybe inside your front window. Spooky!

Banana Minions

8. Banana Minions

Bananas get a cute makeover with this Minion look.

Oranges disguised as pumpkins

9. Oranges Disguised as Pumpkins

This is a healthy Halloween snack: oranges with celery (or whatever green vegetable you choose).

Halloween straws

10. Halloween Straws

Grab some twisty straws and make your Halloween "ex-straw" spooky!

Spider web pumpkin pie

11. Spider Web Pumpkin Pie

So fun and clever! Make a pumpkin pie, and then get artistic with your black frosting and piping tips. Pop a spooky plastic spider in the center, and arrange candy corn around the edges.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fruit platter

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fruit Platter

For a healthy party platter, look no further. Start with your standard vegetable trays. Make two "eyes" out of small containers filled with a white dip (like Ranch dressing) with olive slices for the pupils.

13. Fruit and Cookie Butterflies

These cute butterflies have a grape wing and a mini Oreo cookie wing.

Pumpkin rock art

14. Pumpkin Rock Art

This one's a little different—it's a rock art project!

Bloody knife cupcakes

15. Bloody Knife Cupcakes

These look so amazing, don't they? The tricky part here is finding the plastic knives. Otherwise, it's just making a simple batch of cupcakes and having fun with red gel.

Chocolate graveyard

16. Chocolate Graveyard

Chocolate pudding cups with crumbled Oreo "dirt," gummy worms, and an RIP marshmallow.

Chocolate mousse graveyard

17. Chocolate Mousse Graveyard

Similar to the last one, used crumbled-up Oreos for the dirt and a decorated marshmallow for the tombstone.

Halloween chocolate covered strawberries

18. Halloween-Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These chocolate covered strawberries might take some more advanced artistic skills, but aren't they just beautiful? Ahem, I mean spooky?

Pumpkin bundt cake

19. Pumpkin Bundt Cake

So clever! Make a bundt cake and frost it with orange frosting.

Halloween jello treats

20. Halloween Jello Treats

Gooey and jiggly! These are jello cups with gummy eyeballs and other frightening treats.

Pumpkin lollipops

21. Pumpkin Lollipops

These can be customized for a whole range of things from baby showers to birthday parties; it's all in the color of the tissue paper and ribbon you choose!

Scary eyes in jello

22. Scary Eyes in Jello

So delightfully gory. Gummy eyeballs floating in jello.

Teenage Mutant Ninja juice boxes

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Juice Boxes

All you need here are juice boxes, string cheese, and small apples. So cute!

Witches broomsticks

24. Witches Broomsticks

Use art scissors to cut paper to wrap around chocolate straws. Abracadabra! A witch's broomstick.

Halloween cake pops

25. Halloween Cake Pops

Everyone loves cake pops, so these Halloween cake pops are sure to be the hit of the party.

Halloween cake pops

26. More Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops are such a crowd-pleaser, who could resist having more of them on the party table?

Halloween cakesicles

27. Halloween Cakesicles

They look like popcicles, but they're cakes! So much fun.

Halloween cookie platter

28. Halloween Cookie Platter

Who could resist this platter of gorgeously decorated Halloween cookies? Not me, that's for sure.

Horror-themed chocolate covered strawberries

29. Horror-Themed Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Oh, these are frightening, all right! But oh, so tasty, too.

Marshmallow ghosts

30. Marshmallow Ghosts

This would make a great centerpiece. Marshmallow ghost skewer, anyone?

Mummy pumpkin with fruit skewer hair

31. Mummy Pumpkin With Fruit Skewer Hair

This could make a great centerpiece, too. Wrap a pumpkin with white crepe paper and then make fruit skewers for the crazy hair.

Pumpkin and mummy cookies

32. Pumpkin and Mummy Cookies

Simple, classic, and spooky. Perfect!

33. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

34. Scary Lollipop Cakes

35. Spooky Cake Pops

36. Spooky Eyeball Kiddy Cocktails

37. Spooky Cupcakes

38. Spooky Halloween Treat Basket

39. Spooky Strawberries

40. Coraline Breakable Chocolate

41. Pumpkin Strawberry Treats

42. Scary Green Jello Cups

43. Strawberry Skulls

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