Annette Gagliardi

What kinds of poetry do you like to read? I find amusement, insight and inspiration from reading poetry. Poetry is the shortened, condensed version of a feeling, thought or comment. I like the brevity. I like to dwell on the idea hidden in that brevity.

I hope you enjoy the poems on this site. Check them out and post a comment, suggestion or question. I will answer your questions and post comments to you.

In addition, it seems I have more and more articles on this site. Apparently, I have something to say. I hope you find reading it valuable.

My life keeps me so busy that I need to squeeze in writing time. I find myself thinking as if I am writing; zooming to my journals to 'remember' a thought, a quote or an idea. Writing helps me know that " I am here" on this plane of existence.

My sister and I recently published a children's book, titled: "The Three Betty Goats Griff". You can check out the website build for this book. It has color pages, activity ideas and the book translated into several languages. Check it out at:

I also wrote: "Resourceful Erica" which is a paper folding tall tale. You can find the book on Amazon, but also check out the website, which has activities and the story in other languages at:

In addition to the poems on this site, there are a few essays of various topics. I planned to only have poetry on this site, but apparently I am more verbose than I presumed myself to be.

I also share my poetry and prose blogs (twice a month) at my author website: Come over and read me some time.