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Joana e Bruno

We are a couple that’s been together for more than ten years…  We are opposites, but we complete and complement each other perfectly… We come from different academic backgrounds, one is all about engineering and science, the other about social sciences… We find that all our differences are strengths when we are together.

We heard about Hubpages by chance and loved the concept… As one of us loves writing and the other loves taking care of all that is technical, we created just one profile for the two of us, that way Hubpages became our hobby and getaway and we are loving it so far…

We hope that our different backgrounds, our life story, our adventures may become the starting point for many, many hubs now and in the future.

We are into travelling, in our own country and abroad, reading, music, civil engineering, internet, social behavior, the supernatural, mystery, cooking and, of course, parenting styles and tips, as we have three year old twins.

We hope you enjoy our hubs and that you vote on them and let us know what you liked best.

And if you want to join Hubpages, to have fun, to make money or just because… Join here, it’s free.