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Angela Sparks

It was summer 2016: My cabinets were filled with medications, my joints were barely moving, my bladder was totally spastic, and I was all around chronically inflammed, depressed, and anxious. Let down time and time again by western medicine, I decided I had had enough and was ready to start to dig deeper for my own solutions to my health problems.

I was diagnosed with Intersititial Cystitis in 2013, and with Fibromyalgia in 2014. I picked up on immediately that these names were merely made up to classify the symptoms I was having. It had absolutely nothing to do with what was truly going on wrong inside of me. For 2 long years I relied on the uneducated efforts of others to help reverse my conditions. It wasn't working, as those of us with chronic autoimmune diseases are well aware.

I thought back to the day I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. I remember asking the urologist who diagnosed me if the foods I ate throughout life caused the formation of the disease. His response is one that has been the drive behind all of the passion I feel for food as medicine today. He said, "Food does not cause the disease interstitial cystitis, it's just that some foods can merely be an irritant to it."

I will never forget being told that response. I am here to tell you that uneducated dietary food choices DOES in fact play a big role, if not the biggest, in the formation of many, if not ALL, autoimmune conditions. The modern western diet legitimately fuels disease in the body, the way gasoline fuels an automobile, because it is based on acidic and inflammation causing foods! Would you pick up that fork of spaghetti if you knew that it was going to penetrate the lining of your gut, and possibly break it, causing toxins to be able to leak in? We have not been taught to vaule food as medicine, as well as not being taught that these convential, laboratory concocted "foods" are poision.

I have started a longterm, lifestyle changing, holistic healing journey to reverse my autoimmunity. I know that these conditions have been forming for over 2 decades, and that it is going to take much time and dedication to reverse that. I am here to help educate and inspire others to take their own health journey back into their own hands! Western medicine has proven itself to be useless for those of us with chronic diseases. They are equipped solely to mask symptoms, and never to address route causes.

This blog page is where I will share all of my personal paleo recipes, scientific based research on holisic approaches to healing disease, functional medicine related topics, diet and lifestyle tips, essential oil usages, and more!

I am in pursuit of obtaining my health coach degree, and from there I will continue on to study human nutrition and functional medicine. I am excited to share this journey with anyone who is also passionate about personal health and wellness, and educating others on the correct ways to do so! Thank you for being here! Please feel free to reach out to me on my social media websites, or by email if you do not have social media.

xo Eat Clean, Live Healthy