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Ramilyn considers herself a pure mixture. Usually described as pretty, flexible and stubborn, she's the kind of person who accepts mistakes and tries to learn from them, who admits "I don't know" but says "I want to know". She thinks she doesn't know much about many things in life but is willing and interested to know and learn them. She has an open-minded curiosity, a character that she would like to get fully filled.

She is a Filipina, married to an Indian and living in and around the Himalayas since 2011.

She describes herself as a simple girl who feels most happy and free among meadows and streams, who can live without the city lights but not without the lights of stars, for whom the trees and the birds and their very flowers and feathers are like her own home and family. She is a lover of nature, its protector and appreciator.

The words atheist, vegan, and childfree pretty much sum up who she really is.

Some of her interests include Nature & Wildlife; Photography; Scrabble; Movies; Music; Trekking; Blogging. She has recently launched a writing community website along with another writer where she had written a few flash fiction/short stories and poems. She aspires to become a published author one day.

Considering she calls herself a pure mixture, she writes just about anything, whatever comes into her mind. Monotony equals boring to her so she needs variations.

She recommends Hubpages to everyone who wishes to showcase their writing skills and share ideas that the world needs.