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Becca Hubbard-Woods

I'm a mother of two young boys with a lot on my mind. I love to write about any and everything. I love UFC, MMA, professional wrestling, college football, movies, and music. I write poetry and adore all things art. My newest "grab it and run with it" is cake decorating. Yep, I make cakes. And I'm pretty dang good at it.

I embrace dark things. I love horror movies, dark clothing, and any metal music. Even though I am terrified of storms, I love to dance in the rain.

I have a bizarre sense of humor, but I love to laugh. It may take you a second to get whatever I'm talking about, or you may never get it. No matter, as long as it made me laugh, I'm happy.

I found HubPages by fluke, and I'm happy I did. There are some amazingly talented people here.

Pink Umbrella is the light to my dark. Follow her; she is fantastic.