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Hello, Internet Friends!

There is a good chance if you like beer, baseball or other beer and baseball-related activities, you will like reading a majority of what I have to say here.

If you are particularly interested in baseball, you may want to check out my articles at Bleacher Report.

I also like movies and write a review or two from time to time. Who doesn't like movies, though?

And last, but certainly not least, I am a dad and write a bit about that topic once in a great white while.

So, to recap, if you like beer, baseball (sports), movies or have ever had a child or hoped to have a child or are really, truly bored, you might enjoy some of these Hubs:

(Self promotion might not be my strong suit)

Bogerk Baseball Hubs

Bogerk Tailgate Hubs

Bogerk Movie Hubs

My Queue in Review

And, if you are an internet writer like myself, you may want to check out this site and start making some Top 5 Lists, ala High Fidelity, on the internet today!