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Bubba Jasper


"We live in a free country where you can drive 5 minutes from your home and buy just about anything you could want!  We are very privileged to do these things and we all need to remember and appreciate that!  We should ALL also remember why it is that we can do that!"  Bubba Jasper   

I am a Texas born and raised family man that loves to cook and enjoys seeing others enjoy cooking and eating!

Usually I try to include one or two of my favorite recipes on each of my hubs as I want everyone to enjoy food and cooking as much as I do! 

I like the simpler things in life! 

I think everyone should slow down their fast pace and take time to see who and what they have in their lives!

I love spending time with my family! 

 I also love to hunt and fish!

I have been cooking for about 36 years and have been eating food my entire life!

Food is good!  Long live the farmer!  Long live the chef!  Long live the stove!


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