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There once was a girl on HubPages

who aspired to be one of the sages.

She poured out her brain

so that others could gain,

and penned something that's one for the ages.

(Not intended to be a factual statement.)

I'm a writer, arteeste, office worker, etc. I mostly deal in fiction or "cute" (this means it rhymes) poetry, and hopefully I'll get some of that published someday. In the meantime, I'll just write here about topics I care about and are of interest to me.

Most of my hubs are about gluten, and this is because I found out in 2009 that gluten was making me tres tres ill. So I cut it out, and I've been doing a lot better since. (I mean, relatively. I'm still on creepy medications for my UC, but whatever.) It's been quite a process to settle into my GF life, but I never ever looked back because I knew how sick it would make me. The internet was very helpful when I was first "getting started," so I want to pay the internet back a little bit by educating others and sharing the information I have/can find.

I also write about things that are either my hobbies or that I deal with. Just because I think someone might find it helpful. So while you'll find a lot lot lot of articles about gluten, you'll find a few random things as well. I tend to "write what I know," so you can bet that if I'm writing about it, it's a topic that's close to me.

The End.