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Ced Yong

Geek, writer, photographer, and graphic artist based in Asia. I blog at I also write for various travel, entertainment, and business portals.

… …

For years, I used the above three-liner as my writing profile, but of late, newer conventions and certain community pressures denote that I should tell far more.

My difficulties, though. I hugely dislike the corporatespeak-like language widely used in profile writing; my cancer after writing corporate papers for two decades. I also regard my Communication Studies honors degree and other professional papers as no more than drawer clutter. I think it’s plain rude for me to shove these dusty labels into your face.

And so instead of the usual what I can do or how phenomenally awesome I am, etc, I will present my “credentials” in another way. In storytelling, bullet form.

·I mostly write about my passions. These are: mythology and folklore, history, video games, movies, and travel. In other words, the things I spent too much time on, over too many years.

·I also feature the attractions of the places I’ve been to or lived in, since, you know, these spots are just sitting there waiting to be showcased.

·Once in a while, I write about entrepreneurship and small business management too. Be warned, though, if you are reading my business guides. Unlike the typical, I do not write feel good, go conquer the world, tiger (!!) guides. I focus on what not to do so as not to fail big time. The pessimism fueling this direction is another cancer of mine, which I developed after running a small marketing communications agency for 20 years.

·Coming back to my entertainment and trivia articles, I have different accreditations relevant to the topics that I write about, but I’m not going to sell myself with those. Instead, I will describe my work as hobbyist troves. My lists and glossaries are constructed with hobbyist information that I’ve collected since young. My troves are also more comprehensive and varied than usual because I speak English and two Asian languages since young, i.e., I’m able to collect trivia from beyond the English-speaking world. And oh, some ten over years ago, I added a fourth language to my research toolbox – Japanese. I forced myself to master the insanely difficult language because it’s great to be able to brag that you can watch Anime without subtitles.

·Further self-promotion: If you watch pop culture movies, you’d know that hobbyists are always the cool, awesome, world-saving people with fantastic goodies to share – on top of always being depicted as fat, scruffy, socially annoying, and living in a basement. I have a lot of goodies to share and I love to share! I tend to blab too much too!

·I highlight that I’m fat but not scruffy, though.

·Repeat, I’m at worst fat and a wee bit scruffy. Just a wee bit!

·Other than being fat and (a wee bit) scruffy, how am I like? Well, a member of parliament once likened me to those (amazingly, superbly, wondrously) skilled recluses in Chinese Wuxia sagas, the hermits who scorned social conventions and interactions, and devote their lives to honing their skills. Man, I was so flattered back then, I did free work for him for three years. Looking back, however, I’m no longer sure the guy was even complimenting me. What he described could be my worst trait too. What Rick Riordan would term, a fatal flaw.

·After spending too much money getting myself tested, I can now say with absolute certainty, I’m of the lawful-good alignment. And so I detest BS with a passion. I’m also a perfectionist with whatever I do, as well as impossibly fastidious.

·Anything else to add about my writing? Well, my articles and lists tend to be long. I LOVE writing glossaries too. I furthermore make it a point to alter between a journalistic style and informal speech, and as much as possible, to only use original images.

Lastly, this profile is written with my blogging voice, a style cultivated from my fiction voice. Once upon a time, too many seasons ago, that fiction voice shone brightly enough for me to be shortlisted for a national creative writing program with an outstanding mention. (Dusty label! Boo!)

Tragically, I have since written nothing but corporate reports, marketing literature, press releases, and non-fiction lists. Every Christmas, I tell myself: dude, you got to get down to writing some stories before your fingers develop arthritis. If you can’t write an award-winning high fantasy saga, at least spin some erotica.

When I finally get down to doing it, please read my stories! They will be epic!