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David Young

As a kid living at the dead end of an old gravel road in the middle of nowhere, I was surrounded by nature, it was all I knew, I loved the feeling of the grass and mud on my feet, the feel and sound of the wind rustling through the trees, and the serenity of night sky light with the sparkle of diamond stars.

We had no internet, no television or phones, it was simple and so peaceful, even the general stone down the road a ways had a tab for us. I thought for the longest that this was how the whole world was, of course my family knew otherwise but they didnt want to take that away from me, I think they saw some part of them that disappeared when they hit adulthood.

Because I believed the world was all good I was a little, imaginative. I'd always want a sword fight with my brother using my trusty wooden sword my brother had spent hours sanding down, in a amazing world he would design filled with monsters and elves, fairies and wizards.

In fact, he is the reason that I still see wonder in the world. When I was about 14 years old we moved to the city, because of this I got to see what the world was truly like, but thats not always a bad thing, though I saw a lot of bad living there gave me access to something amazing, knowledge.

By knowledge I don't mean a better school, but a way to access anything I ever wanted to study. I got book after book on every subject i could that has kept me captive and so very free to this day.