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Travel Chef

Hello to everyone! My name is DredCuan. I am a B.S. Accountancy and a Culinary Arts Certificate holder. My degree and certificate helped me to land on my very first job in Food and Beverage Industry. I was hired as a Chef and a Cost Controller of a fine dining restaurant within the vicinity of our international airport.

Eventually, I decided to make a big career move. As a result, I was accepted to work in a 6 star luxury cruiseliner as a Cook or a Travel Chef onboard. My passion in cooking allowed me to enjoy traveling around the world for free. I considered myself very lucky as I was able to learn the historical background of places, to eat their authentic food and to visit their famous landmarks!

Now, I can finally say that I'm living my life into the fullest as I cook, I eat, I travel, I blog and then I repeat all! Allow me to share all the best places you must visit and the best foods you can try all over the world. See you around HP!