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Chantele and Julie

Hello all, we are a Mother/Daughter team who love to Eat, Cook and Review food, recipes, products and places.

Some of you may already know me as I have been on Hubpages for a while now, I'm Daisydayz (or Chantele) and can usually be found writing helpful crafting hubs or gift guides. So I have now teamed up with my Mum (Julie) and occassionally my Dad, Sis and Hubby (Richard, Briony and Jonathan) to start a new account specifically directed at food and drink! We are a family who love to eat out and try our hand at fun new recipes.

I was brought up on good made from scratch home made meals, and the (almost once a week) meal out at a range of varied restaurants. So Mum and Dad are brilliant cooks, never to shy away from the challenge of a new recipe. Me and the hubby are more about simple, purse friendly and convenient home cooking, whilst my sister is a brilliant baker. All round we could put together a darn good cook book, so that is essentially what we will be doing on here. Although most our recipes are based on ones from other cookbooks we often alter to our tastes but will always tell you where the original comes from.

So wish us luck on this new little family journey and I hope you enjoy all our recipes and reviews, and have fun cooking a few yourself!