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Glen Rix

Hello and welcome. My articles cover various topics that interest me - including British customs and traditions, English history, travel, poetry, and a few favourite recipes.I hope that you find something amongst them that interests and entertains you.

I am an English woman who lives in the part of Nottinghamshire that is known as Robin Hood country. I am now retired and the past is another country. An enthusiastic Lifetime Learner, in 2015, aged 67, I was awarded an Open University B.A. Hons. in Literature. That stated, my first Degree was in Business and Finance and I have a Post -Grad Certificate in Management Studies. My work history includes accountancy, management of a little theatre, the strategic development of urban regeneration public/private sector partnership programmes.

Late to the party in several respects, I produced my two sons at a time when I was described as "an elderly prima gravida", and now have three very young grandchildren. Their future on our rapidly changing planet concerns me and so I keep up to date with current affairs and British politics, occasionally commenting on Twitter and enthusiastically signing petitions if I see issues that I feel need to be addressed. There is a link to my Twitter account on the right side of this page.

The content of my articles is protected by copyright. In all instances of my material being stolen or reused without credit I file DCMA complaints requesting that the offending material is removed from the internet. You are welcome to quote from my articles but please adhere to the normal practice of including appropriate credit and a link to the article.

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