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Jane Sellers

Hello, welcome to my profile and hubs! 

I am a professional baker, having been working in the industry officially for a little over two years. I studied at St. Louis Community College: Forest Park where I recieved my Associates in Applied Science for Baking and Pastry Arts. I have worked as a Bakers Assistant for most of my experience but have recently moved on to be a Main Baker for a local coffee shop near where I live. 

Personally, I'm just a young woman looking to find her own way in life. I have a boyfriend whom I've been with for almost two years, as well as a cat that thinks he's my son. Writing is something that I always found joy in, from creating characters to sharing ideas and knowledge with others. It honestly is the only thing that I can think that I would want to do with with my life besides making and creating sweets for people to enjoy. 

I've joined Hugpages with the intent to finally get down my experiences and thoughts in writing with the hopes of sharing it with others so that it may help them, either by showing them another side to an issue or teaching them a new recipe. I want to be able to share my knowledge witht the world in one of the few ways I know how, and I hope that you find all the hubs I produce interesting!