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Jane Swink

Hey guys! Here's a bit about me, the basics, one could say. I believe there is no joy simpler than a good mug full of hot coffee. Any day can be brightened by the prospect of it. But I'm also greatly pulled towards an iced matcha latte quite often. Sure, they may be upwards of five dollars, but really, what a small price to pay for a true smile and an overall feeling of well-being. I'm quite the fan of sushi, give me a spicy yellowtail roll and I'm one happy gal. However, it doesn't stop there, just about any and all food is the way to my heart! Indian, Thai, New York style pizza, ramen, street tacos, pasta...I could go on. But I shan't. I'm fond of cats and plants. And traveling. Oh, to travel... what a distant dream. Anywho, that's a bit about me. I hope you find something here to read and enjoy.