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Jon Notarius

JonNotarius learned about wine from a young age from his dad, Burton Notarius, the founder of the nationally-recognized store, Premier Wine & Spirits, in Buffalo. In 2002, Jon founded Prestige Wine & Spirits, which quickly became recognized as a market leader amongst wine retailers. In fact, in 2007, Prestige Wine & Spirits received one of the industry’s highest honors — the prestigious “Leaders” award from Market Watch, a trade magazine from the publishers of Wine Spectator. Following his father's passing in 2014, Jon returned to Premier Wine & Spirits to manage the store that Burt had founded in 1969, placing considerable emphasis on growing the store's online business, Jon’s extensive travels through many of the world’s wine regions, along with decades of tasting wines, have given him a broad palate. He lists Italy and France as his two favorite places, for both their wine and their food.