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Keri Summers

I'm returning to HubPages after a break - it was getting far too addictive! There are quite a few changes since I've been here, and the first job is spring-cleaning some Hubs. And deleting some of the nonsense I wrote in the 30 day challenge!


On a day to day level, I'm someone who loves to write, worries about paying bills, wonders what we're going to have for dinner, gets behind on housework, and takes pleasure in nature, art, books, films, and all manner of small things. My day job can be a bit gruesome, and Hubpages is a welcome way for me to connect more with the domestic and pleasurable side of life, in both writing and reading.

I'm a published writer in various areas (reviewing, poetry, non-fiction), but am enjoying the freedom here of being my own editor, and publisher too.

I'm from a TV background, and I think about Hubs not just in terms of writing, but "producing". What are the images, video clips, tables, and polls that are going to engage people in the subject most, and give the most rewarding experience? I look forward to exploring this.

As someone who has always worked with copyrighted materials and intellectual property, since before the time of the internet, I'm hoping I can contribute some information, opinion and debate here. As more and more "content" is online rather than on the printed page, and as TV itself becomes more internet-based, I'm really interested in the balance of "freedom" versus fair compensation to those who are trying to make a living from the arts.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you will find hubs to interest you.