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Hi, I'm Graham! I'm a foodie and a bit of a perfectionist. In order to up my game in the kitchen, I've made some really cool discoveries.

Here's a big one: like a carpenter needs power tools and a painter needs brushes, I've found that having the right tools of the trade can make or break a meal. I was amazed to find out the difference a high quality frying pan can make.

Here's another one: it's worthwhile to learn how to cook in a multicultural way. Each civilization has figured out some amazing techniques and ingredients, and combining them can be magical.

Last one: everyone can cook. I don't care if you normally burn water. It's a skill that can be taught, and I believe it's one of the finest things to learn in life. Food brings people together. Food creates harmony. Food is one of our greatest pleasures in life.

So I'm mostly going to write about my revelations in the kitchen, things that have saved me time and things that have changed the way I cook, shop and eat. I hope you enjoy!