Korresha Walker

Korresha Walker is a Clinical Social Worker who earned her Masters degree at the Univesity of Central Florida. She provides trauma-focused therapy to children 0-18 years old in their home, school or clinic. Ms. Walker uses various treatment modalities to help her clients process and understand the effects of trauma, buiild safe secure relationships, develop healthy coping skills, and process the traumatic event(s).

Ms. Walker is also the founder of ReNewMe Life Coaching, LLC where she serves as a Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She does one-on-one and group coaching where she supports women through their self-healing process in various areas of their life.

Ms. Walker enjoys traveling, writing, teaching, public speaking, hiking, and participating in social gatherings. Here, you can expect to read articles from her that discusses mental health, spirituality, health and wellness, and social issues.