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Kryssy Bruckheimer

Hello! I'm Kryssy, and in general, I'm an aspiring writer. I'm 32 years old, a Mother to my two boys, and married to a grown man-child, but the other word that people call him is "husband"... ;)
I'm involved in various different hobbies, when I'm not absorbed in being a Mother. (Usually during school hours, I declare my free time! Sometimes, with a joyous "YAY!"...)
I am a part of the S.C.A. and usually, I can be found gardening, cooking, teaching both of my sons what they want to know, experimenting with new recipes, knitting, reading, writing, and so very much more. I'm always busy!

Thank you for taking time to visit my profile! I hope you find something that may be worth reading. Enjoy your day!