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Kylyssa Shay

Kylyssa Shay is a soft-hearted, hard-headed, tough-as-nails nail-biter. She's full of hyphens except in her name. An activist, atheist, and artist with high-functioning autism, Ms. Shay enjoys writing science fiction, sculpting in a bizarre variety of media, painting, cooking, drawing, and tinkering. Kylyssa also loves raising saltwater creatures and caring for furry animals.

Her favorite activity is experimentation. Items found cooking on the stove in her home may not be edible. They could be art, science, or possibly even both. Don't sniff the Buckyballs.

Nicknamed "Aunt MacGyver" by an assortment of children, teens, and adults of various ages, she is known for pulling off strange, spur-of-the-moment repairs which are often quite effective.