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Bonny OBrien

I have many hobbies that I enjoy doing. I love surfing the web and learning something new everyday.

I have 7 beautiful grandkids, and they are gowing up so fast. I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I try to be "The fun Nanny". I want to be there for everything that they all do! They are my world , and I don't want to miss anything.

I am a an overnight manager in a home for retired seniors. I love cooking for them and trying new recipies. I also enjoy doing arts & craft projects with them. I enjoy knowing all my folks, and the lives that they have led, as this is such an important part of our History!

I live with Rocky my Boss man cat! I also have a bird named Jessie the parakeet.

I will say I am not the best writer, but I give it my best shot. I do enjoy writing about things that I know about or like. I also really love making friends here, and do try to leave a comment, if only a quick one to say. "Hey I stopped by".! Just showing my support to my friends here on Hubpages!

So this is me in a nutshell. Just an everyday person. Nothing special, just me..