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Maria lives with her husband in coastal Alabama, USA. She and her husband, Bo, love cooking together. Previously known online as “The Gardener & The Cook”, Bo and Maria have been cooking together since the earliest days of their marriage, and have come up with some popular recipes over the years – some are healthy, some are not.

They do have fun in the kitchen, but Bo does most of the cooking. Do they ever disagree about how much butter to use? Oh, yeah, but they always work it out, and more frequently use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). All of the food and gardening articles here on HubPages are from the former site known as The Gardener and The Cook.

The Cook

Bo has cooked since college when he made a deal with his college roommates. The deal? If they would clean up afterwards, he would cook. His specialties these days are his chicken piccata, balsamic chicken, chocolate truffle pie to die for, English scones, chocolate chip cookies with pecans, and gluten-free brownies.

He is an aeronautical engineer, and had a second career building engines for NASCAR racing teams. Later in life, he worked as an official for the IMSA road racing series. Oh, the stories he could tell!

The Gardener

Maria enjoys cooking, too, and says she thought she was a good cook until she met him. Her specialties are her red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, lasagna, soups, and a shrimp & scallops dish also to die for.

She is a master of public health, master gardener, amateur genealogist and photographer, and an avid reader.

She writes book reviews as “The Grumpy Book Reviewer” on HubPages, as well as editing/proofreading manuscripts. She formerly taught as part-time faculty at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, served on the board of the Aurora Symphony Orchestra in Colorado, and currently serves as chair of the beautification committee for their neighborhood.

The Gardener and The Cook are still active on Instagram as @thegardenerandthecook1 and on Facebook as GardenerAndCook. Her book reviews can be found on the HubPages account for The Grumpy Book Reviewer.