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Marla Rose

Hi everyone! What an exciting opportunity it is to express who I am!

Let me first say that I come from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, where back in the days it was just a simple city on the map.

Growing up as a child many, many years ago (in the 70's) I loved to play, eat and learn. I was always enthusiastic and fascinated with cooking, fashion, accessories, recipes and exploring how things worked.

I am grateful for my grandmother who taught me many of the passions I have today. All grown up I still favor good recipes, different styles of cooking, dressing in style and accessorizing my outfits. I always had this fascination about life! What was it that I could do well? How could I help others with their passions? And then one day it hit me, by George I think I got it. By sharing and giving advice on ideas that others have.

So here I am many moons later! I am more than delighted to share my advice on some of the passions I have had since childhood.