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Thelma Raker Coffone

Thelma is the author of a syndicated newspaper food column and owns a marketing company which promotes the sale of community cookbooks.

She has over 25 years of experience in the world of sharing recipes with cooks across the United States and Canada. As the founder and publisher of Homemaker Headlines, a recipe newsletter in the 1970's, she developed a following of readers who submitted their favorite recipes to share in her publication. She later was asked to participate as a Field Editor for the popular cooking magazine, Taste of Home.

But where does the Mayberry connection come in? Living in the Blue Ridge mountains allows Thelma the opportunity to frequently visit the hometown of actor Andy Griffith of Mayberry fame, Mount Airy, North Carolina. The fictional town of Mayberry is based on Griffith's birthplace and the people there are just as friendly as in the television show. Thelma Lou (Mrs. Coffone's favorite actress of course!) and one of the few surviving actors from the show, lives in Mount Airy, along with many wonderful cooks with the same culinary talents as Aunt Bee. So adopting the name of Mayberry Homemaker for her latest venture in cookbook promotion was a no brainer!I