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Hi everyone, I'm Mickji and I spend the majority of my time between Italy and Switzerland. I have traveled many places around the world thanks to a simple ancient object I have discovered for the beauty of its sound: the ocarina.

I am a person who love music like many of you do, in particular the ocarina.
This instrument is appreciated by a growing number of people thanks to its sound and to its astonishing simplicity of playing.

I also like cooking, crafting and languages very much, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about these things. I like the world and all of its beauty ... From a personal point of view music is a language too, it has rules like every language and to let others understand what you are "saying" you need the correct intonation like you need to know the correct pronunciation while talking in any language.

The best thing about music is that it is a wolrd language: you can go to China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, UK... anywhere and play a song, the people will understand you, because so is the music. It pierces your heart and cuddle you around with its melody and rhythm letting you know the profound meaning that it has.

I am a "wannabe" artist who want to spread the knowledge of music and in particular the ocarina, so everyone can enjoy this precious gift which is music and grew together.

I care about the others very much and wish to help in any possible way. One of these ways is to teach others what I have learned so far and help the others with charity projects as often as I can.

My HubPages articles deals with:
- coocking, by making simple and fun recipes
- DIY(do it yourself), by showing how to create things
- music, by teaching the basic tecniques and theory
- photography, by telling the secrets and techniques which will drive you to a great photo
- and more.

I hope you will like it, will participate to the quizzes and that any of you will be happy and will learn many new things.

Once a group of musicians will be made, charity concerts and exhibitions can be held.
Until that, only meetings will be held.

I also have a website which is where you can by accompaniments sheet music and tablature specificaly desined for ocarina and follow my activity with the charity program of ReverbNation ( where you can by songs and give half of the money to a specifc charity program).

I wish you all the best ! See you around the Hubs.