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Moon Lightened

About Me

I'm an American living in India.  I enjoy writing about the surreal abstractions of the mind and the journey within as well as haiku and short stories.  I just published my first book!  See below for more details.  I am also enjoying my journey into the realm of Indian cooking and culture.  I hope to share with you little glimmers here and there as I catch the reflections.  Please do stop by often.


I've become completely addicted to Hubbing.  If you enjoy writing and want a great community to be a part of, give a click and sign up!  It's free, it's simple and you can earn a little extra money. Most of all, it's fun!

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You can also visit my blog MoonLightened Way and let the moonlight enlighten you.  Please drop in and see what's new.

If you like to have fun with well-known words, quotes and phrases, visit The Wurd Turtle.  We'll examine those every day words in a new way!

Jean Mishra

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 I'm Published!

I'm happy to announce that on 8-31-12 my first book was published.  It's an inspirational collection of poetry, short stories and more.  You can find it at Amazon or my e-store at CreateSpace.  Thanks!