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Maria Giunta

I write under the name MPG Narratives. I have written creative advertising and public relations copy. Beginning my career in Television I have made a nice living doing something I love. I now do web content management and write short stories and novels under my author name - Maria P Frino.

I started on Hubpages because I enjoy writing but also to help raise awareness of a charity organisation - Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

I was nominated for and won a hubnugget for Growing Up With Aspergers so to everyone who voted for me, thank you, your support is appreciated. It feels great to be part of such a positive and informative community, thanks HUBPAGES.

After only one year on Hubpages I had many hubs published and reached the magic '100' several times. This is proof that Hubpages works for authors, people read articles on this site and trust the information. Thanks to everyone who reads and follows my work.

Maria P Frino - My books are available on many online sites as an eBook or print (POD). The Decision They Made is my debut novel. It is a family saga with historical elements. I also publish short stories. I have an adult fiction drama novel on sale now - Two Men in a Shed and a science-fiction dystopian drama - Xenure Station Trilogy. There is a new edition too, Weaving Words by Women About Women. This anthology has a foreword by Cass Moriarty.

Visit my website, to buy my stories and keep up with my blog. Also, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Join us here at Hubpages if you enjoy writing and would like to earn money as well. Click on this link to join -

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