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Nikki Poole

My name is Nikki. I've been in the medical field as a paramedic now for eight years. I've always had a heart and passion for helping people. During my time in this industry, my heart would hurt for the people I witnessed dealing with daily struggles and habits that were wreaking havoc on their health and happiness. I was raised in a low-income household and knew nothing of healthy eating, lifestyle, or wellness of my mind, body, and soul. I battled negative thoughts of failure, unworthiness, and a distorted self-image.

Throughout my life, I've taken the knowledge I had (or lack of) and abused my body into losing weight. I was 26, only sleeping three to four hours at a time, eating handfuls of food, and running three to seven miles a day when I found out I had Mononucleosis. With that, me being me and all, I didn't listen to the doctor's orders (or anyone else on the face of the planet) to rest, and I continued to work and run myself into the ground. I cared only about what my exterior looked like and had entirely neglected my internal health. I finally reached a breaking-point of dealing with frequent episodes of chronic fatigue, a clouded mind, and utter malaise. I then realized that I was dealing with my own struggles and negative habits that were jeopardizing my health just as all the patients I have come across throughout the years.

This monumental moment is what sent me on a search to educate myself and change the way that I had been living. I began a quest to find the pieces I was missing. One of the most astonishing things I learned was that no matter whether your struggles are losing weight, being consistently active, eating healthy, gaining muscle, whatever the battle, there's a common thread between each person. Mindset.

My goal is to educate, motivate, and help people break free from any false mindsets that are holding them back from clarity, focus, drive, self-love, and that healthy, joy-filled life they desire. I'm here to inspire, encourage, and give the tools necessary to help you create and maintain wellness in your mind and body.