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Hi! I'm oliversmum.
My Family are the most important part of my life.
I love Cooking, Patchwork, Reading, Music, Gardening,Jigsaw Puzzles, also Travelling,and our very handsome Shih Poo "Oliver", but most of all my Grandchildren, they are just beautiful.
With my Family we have travelled around our beautiful "Australia",have also lived overseas, but there is really "No place like Home".
My husband of many years, who is also here on HubPages as 'Agvulpes', taught me how to use a Computer, gave me confidence, and most importantly how to achieve my goal of writing what was in my heart.
I invite you to join myself and Oliver and hope that you enjoy my writings. :) :)
If you also enjoy writing why not join HubPages it really is quite easy!