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Paige Masters

When I'm not writing, I'm tinkering with various utensils.  Often found playing with kitchen tools, shaping polymer clay, Furminating my pets, and accidentally and purposefully uprooting various plants in my garden.

I'm a freelance writer by day and jewelry maker by night.

Things I love:  candles, my Schwinn, funky clocks, fuzzy slippers, rainbow toe socks and crisp sheets.

Things I find myself obsessed with:  teeth whitening, pulling weeds, punctuality, Sudoku and recently, The Big Bang Theory (the TV show, not the actual phenomenon).

I live a very frugal lifestyle, mostly out of concern for the environment, but also because I do enjoy saving money! I get a thrill out of making my own everyday items... Saving money on food is like a game for me, I do a little couponing, but I mainly save money making foods from scratch. I was influenced many years ago by a woman named Amy Dacyczn, also known as The Frugal Zealot. The Tightwad Gazette has been like my Bible for many years now. Along the way, I'm learned quite a few of my own tricks, however... tips I'd like to share with YOU!