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Paola Bassanese

Hi, I am a lifestyle writer and published author. I work with clients to create engaging communications: you can find my portfolio on my website.

I am also the founder and chief editor of Digital Nomad Europe, a destination website for location-independent freelancers and entrepreneurs, and Athlone Diaries, a website dedicated to the food and drink scene in Athlone, Ireland.

It's almost impossible to summarise my 20+ years' career in a nutshell, but basically I worked in the private and public sector and set up my own business in 2006.

My main interests are healthy living, work/life balance, opera and theatre (I could go on). I am also a keen YouTuber and you can find my vlogs by searching Paola Energya.

I have published a few books, available on Amazon.

I love foraging and creating new recipes, as well as exchanging ideas for recipes.

If you enjoyed my hubs please share them on social media and leave a comment, thank you.