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Patty Poet

A Spider's Hidden Talent,” and “Two Sets of Eyelids and a Hump”.I have written over 100 articles for local newspapers, focusing on human interest and success. I have won a local award on historical research and published articles on local events, community programs, exercise programs for older citizens, fiction stories based on fact and research on antiques, to name a few.

My primary focus now is to engage in teaching all the things I have learned in my careers. I have an abundance of knowledge in many fields, and lots of practical experience which I plan to offer out to those looking for further information on a wealth of practical topics.

My family supports me and smiles when I use them as an anecdotal example. But much of my experience has evolved around the trials and errors of raising a family and now I can sit back and reminisce a bit over the successful tracks each one of them has embarked on and know that my experiences have helped to guide them successfully down their chosen road.