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Peggy Woods

The countryside of Wisconsin was the setting of my home when I was a child. Fields with milkweeds and wild daisies had all types of birds and butterflies frequenting the site in the summers. Nearby woods presented wonders for us to explore. Shafts of sunlight illuminating the ground through the trees gave a constantly changing picture. Tree climbing was not only for squirrels and other creatures. My two brothers and I became experts!

My parents and grandparents moved to McAllen, Texas, during my teen years. The semi-tropical climate was quite a change from the distinct four seasons of the year up north! We were amazed but appreciative of plants such as bougainvilleas, hibiscus, and poinsettias growing in the ground year-round.

Houston, Texas, has been home for most of my adult years. The Methodist hospital operating room in the middle of the Texas Medical Center was my first job as a nurse. It was exciting and challenging!

My husband and I love this cosmopolitan city filled to the brim with venues of all types. From the arts to sports and everything in between, this 4th largest city in the United States has something for everyone. In well over five decades of living here, we have discovered so many fabulous places.

Art, traveling, reading, gardening, and cooking are some of my varied interests. I have had many volunteer jobs through the years.

Just jump on board and start reading. Learn, laugh, and love life!