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Britney Bernard and Cassie Midura

Hi everyone! This is Britney and Cassie and we are here to tell you all about living a plant-based lifestyle. We have come to realize that not only is living a plant-based lifestyle very rewarding for our health, but it is also super fun!

Follow us on our journey as we give you tips and tricks to better your way of life simply by adding more PLANTS to your diet!

Also, follow us on instagram @twopeas_inapod for more updates!

We made the switch to this specific way of living after realizing that we were sick and tired of literally being SICK and TIRED all the time! After doing some pretty moderate research, nothing too extensive, we came to the understanding that eating more plants would not only increase the way we feel, but would also completely change the way that we think about our food.

Seeing others make these changes to their diet is extremely motivating, so we are here to motivate you. We want to show you how easy and straightforward it is to reduce your intake of animal products while increasing your intake of food simply derived from plants.

A big part of our year was spent trying to come "full-circle" with our lifestyle. We decided to have a decently-sized vegetable garden to further understand both the effort and satisfaction that comes with growing our own organic food.

We are here to share with you all about our booming successes as well as our utmost failures; what worked for us and what might work for you!

...and by the way, you are ultimately responsible for your health and all decisions pertaining to :)