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Barbara Purvis Hunter

I was four when I wrote my first poem. I wrote for the school paper in my journalism class. My poems are in books and magazines, beginning in my teenage years. I have received awards for my writing. My college degrees do not define me, and I am security-minded against stolen identities.

I write poems, fiction, non-ictiom, about political influencers, employment/employers, job issues, women's issues, sharing family recipes, relationships, dealing with the personal side (my husband's strokes and Demenia), I love writing short stories about life in the 1900s, movie reviews, and I am very opinionated in writing articles about the truth as I see it.

This is my preference. I canceled my Facebook account a few years ago because of a stalker, and I will not share my personal information on the Internet. I am too old to worry about it.

My professional background includes teaching phonics, working in insurance, writing bonds, inspecting and quoting yachts, and aviation. In addition, for 18 years, I worked as an executive accounts specialist for a job placement firm.

Love to All,


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