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Rachel L Alba

Hi, My name is Rachel and I never went to cooking school but learned in the school of my mother's kitchen.

My grandmother and sisters and mother-in-law were also influential to my cooking. I became interested in cookin at an early age, about 8 years old. My mother showed me a recipe of how to make Deviled Eggs. Ever since then I knew that I would love to cook.

My hobby is to collect recipes and I have a ton of them. I also have what I call "the recipe of the week". I choose a recipe and make it and have my family rate it.

I grew up Italian so I learned how to cook Italian but also other dishes interest me. I would like to show anyone that think they can't cook, that they can.

Do you find that you need to cook for yourself or for someone else and never did? Well, I will show you that it isn't hard at all and according to the old saying, "if you can read, you can cook".