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Where to start? I am from Australia, but want to be everywhere else, I love food and I mean LOVE Food, I love shopping and I love anything that has hidden or obvious beauty.....I have an insatiable need to discover new things and I hope with my hubs we can explore things together....I plan to write about travelling near and far, food - cooking and most importantly eating, music (my undying love) photography and art as well as various topics that pique my interest such as my desire to learn spanish without much success!

I have a Bachelor of Psychology and work full time, I often sell stuff on ebay just to get by and I hope this will be another outlet for my long waffling on that I seem to be well known for! I have big dreams and hope one day I can share my stories with all of you! Thank you for taking the time to read my page and I hope you check back often as I promise there will be some interesting if not quirky additions at times :)