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rex michaels

The young tabby cat of the castle stares at the mirror and sees a strong lion staring back. The young cat is not surprised in the least; about the growling image staring back because, the cat sees what it expects to see. The cat soon stretches and decides to go slay more rats, which plague the castle.

The cat is famous for its ability to slay rats, which in some cases, tower over the young feline. The other feline species mouth silently to one another, as the hero of the castle saunters by. Attitude and presence are the words on their silent lips. Rumors are banded about, rumors of magic and dark places, such power and strength from one so small is not possible. Oh but it is says the young cat, it is all in your attitude and presence.

I am retired from the military and I teach and write about survival techniques, one of many subjects, I like to write about.

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