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Liz Rayen

Welcome Friends!

I am so happy you have found your way to my site!

My passion for life and the amazing opportunity I have to "Create the Life I Love" has brought me to this platform.

I love learning from others; however, to be able to share my knowledge, my talents, and my passion for life is the ultimate joy for me. My hubs focus on home and cabin renovations, home decor, and my passion for fire investigation. I am also a "Ketogenic" girl and will share my journey with you, along with recipes and tips I have learned along the way.

**Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on the Ketogenic Diet. I do not teach it, enforce it, or claim to know everything about it. I am only sharing my experience with the Keto Diet, information I obtain, and it's benefits for me.

Oh...and I ride a Harley!

Peace! Liz

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Lisa Furugen aka Elizabeth Rayen - copyright 2011/2020

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