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Sakina Nasir

Sakina has been a Primary school teacher since 2 years. She is living in Kuwait for 18 years. She is from Rajasthan, India. She writes mostly about lovebirds here on HubPages. She is very passionate about reading novels and an ardent fan of the works of Agatha Christie. Drawing is her second most loved hobby.

She has also written three novels: The Serpent Within and The Alien Memory (both completed) and Glittering Death (on hold) on Wattpad.

She also tutors children and finds it satisfying. She is a peace-loving person with simple tastes. She believes in harmony and mutual peace between citizens and hates violence. She is very fond of creativity and it inspires her a lot. She believes in doing work (whether big or small) and that being idle is pointless.

She loves animals and is typically fond of birds. She has had two Indian ringneck parrots, two budgies and a lovebird in the past. Currently, she has two lovebirds; of which she has hand-raised the male. The lovebirds are named as Mumu and Juju (male and female respectively).