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Sally’s Trove is a family enterprise that promotes ideas, practices, and products that can help us be smarter about how we live in this challenging and increasingly fragile world. My name is Sherri, and I am pleased to meet you.

Sherri in a Nutshell

Degree in art history; graduate studies in art history, landscape design, computer programming, and English; writer; business owner; corporate communications consultant; gardener, cook, lover of all cats and two dogs; mother of annemaeve on HubPages.

About the Sally’s Trove Avatar

We owe it all to Jacob Bijlstra and his world of hidden and forgotten places. The Sally's Trove photo is used with his kind permission.

A life is a treasure chest of people, things, ideas, feelings, events, experiences, and relationships. Its contents can be gleaming and uplifting, dark and foreboding, or anywhere in the middle. You can lock this trove and keep it to yourself, or you can tilt the lid back and share, giving and receiving as you go.