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Jon Slaytor

I'm an adventurer, an artist with a somewhat paradoxical nature. I'm on a quest of learning, exploration, and self-discorvery. I want to act, not simply speak. I want freedom and loyalty. I am an idealist who knows how to keep it real. Mystery and intrigue surround me.

For those wondering, my chosen username is an acronym formed from the words 'shadow' and 'analyst'. I've always been very analytical as I like to study and observe the aspects of life and nature that are not as conspicuous to others, the parts hidden in shadows. Hence, Shadow Analyst becomes, Shadolyst.

Please keep checking back, I do plan on adding many more interesting, funny, and informative hubs for you to enjoy. I want to be more involved in the online community where I hope to network with other like-minded individuals with passion for life, and learn from their expertise.