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Shawn Fels

Born and raised in Oregon, I have a love for food, the outdoors, and community. My wife of 5 years and 2 year old daughter play the role of guinea pig in my kitchen experiments. My passion for food lead me to receive a BS in fermentation science, and a Masters in food engineering. I have worked in fermented foods for 10 years at various wine and cheese making companies, where I pursue a passion of technology and personnel integration in manufacturing systems for fermented foods. I also run a small coffee roasting business, Berds Beans, from my certified home kitchen. Originally this started as a means to get quality coffee in a corner of oregon where it is otherwise unavailable, but developed into a passion. Lastly, I am a staunch advocate of consumer education as the foremost food safety control, and adamantly disagree with the illegal status of foods, beverages, and drugs in our society.