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Susan McLeish

Welcome to my hubs!

I write about my love of cooking and trying out new recipes that come to me via family or an old cookbook. There is nothing like taking a few ingredients and making a masterpiece for the taste buds. Some people do yoga, tai chi or meditate but I cook to relax.

Over the years, I have collected many vintage kitchen and cooking tools. They are as useful as the day they were made, some up to 75 years ago. I have been able to use the produce, fruit and eggs we have on our small farm to bring many vintage recipes to life while serving them on dishes from the 1930’s through 1960’s.

Canning has become a way of life now along with freezing what veggies we can. It not only saves on the grocery bill, the food tastes considerably better. In my hubs, you will find a mixture of different topics that involve many of my interests. Please have a look around and enjoy yourself.

You will also see some hubs that I have written on my love of nature. It has brought me years of joy by simply getting my hands down into the soil or capturing a moment with my camera. I have stopped dead in my tracks to see some phenomenal sunrises, have the wind blow through me while the sweat pours down and seen some amazing critters that live amongst us but go unnoticed most days.