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KC Jones

KC or Krissa if you prefer, is a mid 30s millenial, a single mom to an awesome transgirl, and a total geek. She loves to write, but in her spare time, you might find her curled up on the couch watching TV, whether it's a movie fest or a favorite show binge. Sometimes with one or more of her four furry children, her equally geeky daughter, or playing games on her phone, although often all at once.

She's also a self-taught and passionate cook. Her special talents include reciting tons of useless trivia knowledge, and the ability to develop an unhealthy obsession with whatever is currently grabbing her attention.

Since she has so many interests and experiences, she is able to write on so many different topics like an expert. Want a recipe? Yes, she's got it. A film review? Affirmative. A game guide for her favorite mobile games? Of course. Make-up techniques. Absolutely. She writes just about anything.

She is also available for freelance work and project contracts. While she is pretty awesome at informal writing, she also holds a degree in English, and specializes in business and technical writing. She helped secure a title III grant for her alum while working as a grant writing intern in college. She has also worked as a legal document processor, an office manager in a subcontracting company, and an assistant project manager for a general contractor.

These experiences give her a very unique and diverse skill set, and she would love to dive in on your next project or writing requirement.