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Suzanne Day

Hi, I’m a creative artist and love innovating, designing and crafting. In career, I’ve worked as a social media manager, communications manager and internationally published poet. My hobbies are numerous and still breeding like rabbits – I like lapidary (gemstone polishing and faceting), reading, writing, crochet, beading, home decorating, jewellery making and upcycling.

My dream is to travel the world and eat lots of great food!

I look forward to contributing useful information in my hubs and hope you enjoy reading them. I hail from Melbourne, Australia and I like to write about new things I've discovered, useful tips I can't live without and obscure fascinations I’ve explored. I’ve been previously published in hundreds of places, including The Big Issue, Going Down Swinging, Cordite, LINQ, Poetrix,, Empire Times and Stylus.

Cheers x