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Dani Moore

Hello, I'm your friendly neighboorhood everyday woman here to talk about shit. Anything goes really. This blog is all-inclusive and LGBTQIA+ positive.

Happily married to my partner, Alayna as of 5.18.2019. Together, we have discovered a lot about relationships (how to be in a successful relationship, specifically), and I've tested a lot of my recipes on Alayna, as well (a former picky eater).

Being in a gay relationsip was hard at first; we had a lot to learn and get to know about each other. Through this journey, we both consider ourselves "relationship gurus" for gays, lesbians, and straights. Relationships are a team effort.

Modern tips for the Modern Woman.

If you have anything to ask me regarding relationships, recipes, or homemaking tips, feel free to message me and I will get back to you ASAP, it will be taken as an ASK DANI and the question and response will be posted on this blog.