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Stacy Becker

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I have this problem -- I want chocolate cake for breakfast, or a muffin, or biscotti dunked in coffee. You get the idea. And then, I want to have a little something sweet after lunch, and maybe again, after dinner. But, I want to fit into my jeans. So, what to do? I decided to make use of that graduate degree in nutrition I worked so hard to get a few years back, and develop some recipes that work to meet my needs, (and hopefully yours too!) My recipes are plant-based, whole grain, high fiber, low sodium, have gluten-free options, and minimal added fat and sugar. All this without sacrificing deliciousness.

At THE DIRTY DISH, sweets pack a serious nutritional punch. Lunch and dinner are so darn tasty, and healthy, that you can eat your fill -- including dessert -- and still button those jeans. So, my friends, Cook-Eat-Repeat!